The Mountain Mercantile Story


The Mountain Mercantile story is a simple one. We love each other and we love what we do.

Our passion is combing Canada for the fun, the unique, and the funky... which is why you never really know what you'll find in the store from one day to the next!

Yet as much as we love unearthing the next great treasure for our customers, it's also really important for us to support this amazing country of ours and the breathtaking landscape we call home.

That's why we fill the shelves of Mountain Mercantile with hand-made products by Canadian artisans, many of which speak to the mountain landscape that defines us. Even the companies we deal with are small, Canadian-run businesses that source most of their products right here in Canada. And if it's not local and not hand-made, you can bet your boots the company gives back in a big way!

We hope you find that the store reflects our passion.