Castle Mountain Necklace

Castle Mountain Necklace

By Mackenzie Jones

Welcome to the WILD collection!

Sterling Silver Castle Mountain Necklace

Wear at 16", 18" or 20"

The inspiration for the WILD collection comes from the raw and wild nature of the Canadian landscape. This collection embodies the beauty of this nation which is captured within the variety of items we create. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted in our small shop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Canadian Rocky Mountain range inspires, challenges, and awes any that have been honoured to be in their presence. The turquoise lakes, virgin forests, crisp mountain air, sense of adventure, excitement, and deep peace are only a few of the feelings and memories associated with these beautiful natural formations. There is no doubt these peaks are an essential root in many Canadian hearts.

Castle Mountain is located in Banff National Park, halfway between Banff and Canmore. Due to its location on the Castle Mountain Fault and geological nature this peak has eroded in a unique and intriguing fashion. Strikingly similar to a ancient castle, this peak inspires power and awe. Originally named Castle Mountain by early explorers, it was renamed for a time as Eisenhower Mountain, it returned to it original name in 1979, although the largest southern peak is still names Eisenhower Tower. This necklace is strong and powerful and will remind the wearer of this striking peak.

Elevation 2,766 m
Coordinates 51°17′59″N 115°55′21″W

Information on your item:

Due to the handmade nature of this product, charms may vary slightly from the picture above

Each charm measures approximately 0.75 Inches wide and 0.4 Inches tall

All our items are made of Solid .925 Sterling Silver and are always Nickel Free