Antler Earrings
Antler Earrings

Antler Earrings

By Mackenzie Jones

Welcome to the WILD collection!

One of a Kind Handmade Sterling Silver Elk Antler Studs.

The inspiration for this collection comes from the raw and wild nature of the Canadian landscape. You'll see from the whole collection, the entire beauty of this nation is captured within the variety of items we create. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Elk totem represents friendship and community. May these gentile giants remind you that although we need to stand on our own sometimes, we also need to be part of a team and depend on others.

Information on Your Earrings:

Each pair is uniquely handcrafted from the highest quality .925 Sterling Silver. 100% Nickel Free.

These can be worn up the ear or down the ear as climbers or drops.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, the shape and texture may vary slightly from the picture above. Each earring is created using the same process, but some variations do occur so each set is completely unique to you.